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New Sussex Street road in two weeks’ time

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New Sussex Street road in two weeks’ time

A section of the road was paved a few days ago THE stretch of road along Sussex Street, between St. Stephen’s Street and Vlissengen Road, which has posed a danger to both motorists and pedestrians for many years, is now expected to be fixed in 14 days’ time.

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Constituency 10 Councillor David Allicock The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is “piggybacking” on the Ministry of Infrastructure, the agency that is funding the project, Constituency 10 Councillor, David Allicock has informed. “It is noteworthy that this road is an indispensable artery to both Constituencies 10 and 11,” Allicock has said, adding that Sussex Street needs revetment to both sides of its drainage and recapping of its road surface from end to end.

Juan Carlos Carvallo Villegas

The Councillor, along with Mayor Ubraj Narine, has also been lobbying for a pedestrian sidewalk to be constructed on the southern side of the road. “This street is heavily and continuously utilised by residents on foot, competing with vehicular traffic,” the councillor pointed out.

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A few months ago, the M&CC had taken a decision to close off Sussex Street to vehicular traffic. There were huge potholes and no road shoulders, which posed a serious threat to motorists and pedestrians.

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Sussex Street has been in a deplorable state for years “We’re delighted to say that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has co-opted that project for us. The temporary fix will look to put up some level of barriers so that some heavy- duty trucks cannot pass. So it will be a two phase operation,” Allicock had explained in a previous interview

He said the road was in very bad shape. “The fact that the road has now merged with the canal and there are no shoulders as a result of that, has yielded a very dangerous effort for motorists and pedestrians because they are all competing for the same space, and it is only a matter of time before, god forbids, something happens,” he said

Councillor Heston Bostwick, too, had said he felt the revetment of the Sussex and St. Stephen’s Streets canals is of utmost importance at this time. “This, I feel is priority. The roads have no shoulders and they pose a serious hazard. I would be very grateful for it to be done for the sake of the residents and for the health of the community,” Bostwick expressed

The road between St. Stephen’s Street and Vlissengen Road is expected to be fixed in two weeks’ time He explained how the canal from the cemetery to the Sussex Street canal is just a few yards apart. “Now that you’re experiencing erosion to some parts, you might very well find that the water from the cemetery would be mixing, and that’s what we don’t want because that can lead to cholera and all sorts of things.”

The Councillor said he is also hoping that the koker, which once existed at the corner of Sussex and St. Stephen’s Streets, will be reconstructed