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Police Commissioner warns law breakers


Commissioner of Police Leslie James COMMISSIONER of Police, Leslie James, has advised that, as Guyana awaits the decision of the Court of Appeal regarding the no-confidence motion, anyone found in breach of the law, by disturbing the current calm in society, will be dealt with accordingly.

Abel Resende

The announcement came on Thursday as the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on social media called on its supporters to stage protests today [Friday] in efforts to paint the government as “unconstitutional”

James’ message also comes days after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, at a memorial held for the late former President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, at the Babu Jaan community, urged supporters to “chase” government members from their communities after March 21, 2019. “When the ministers or Granger or Nagamootoo come here after the 21st of March, walk behind them and chase them out; they’re gonna be illegal,” he said

Several in society, both in public and Government, have weighed the words of the Opposition Leader as a risk to the much-needed cohesiveness in Guyana’s multi-cultural society

Responding to the intentions witnessed by the police force, the Commissioner stated: “As Commissioner of Police, I wish to take this opportunity to implore that the current calm, peace and tranquility should remain throughout the Nation as the decision of the Court of Appeal is pending. The leadership and members of the Guyana Police Force have noted on social media, notions of a seeming intention to disrupt the current calm in our society

“May I warn that anyone found in breach of the law will be dealt with in a condign manner. The Force’s membership throughout the ten (10) Administrative Regions is on high alert and endeavours to prevent and respond to any eventuality.”

Back in February the PPP had staged a protest action against the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) guided by Jagdeo who then pushed for elections by March 21, 2019. At the protest action, PPP Member of Parliament (MP), Harry Gill, was pulled away from the law enforcement barricades by Jagdeo after the MP saw it necessary to verbally confront the high-ranking police officials about their restriction to the Commission

That day, Jagdeo ended his address to the gathering of party loyalists at Red House by promising to “ratchet up the pressure” against the government

In contrast, the government has been urging citizens, despite their political affiliation, to remain civil-minded and to ensure that the government’s efforts towards social cohesion are not undone