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No more distractions


Dear Editor THE intention of creating an environment which the PPP/C thought would have placed the President in a totally defensive mode, and without choice, but to accede to selecting the Guyana Elections Commission Chairman (GEOCOM) from such lists-Bharat Jagdeo‘s gamble backfired.

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In fact, the latter was outfoxed, as the President went beyond that which had been constitutionally required, by asking for another list of nominees. It was obvious that the lists submitted by the leader of the political opposition to the President, were clearly loaded and designed to create political upheaval, with unmistakable racial connotations. At best, they were lists with nominees that would have evoked questioning in any jurisdiction, given the criterion for selection to such an important constitutional office.

luis oberto anselmi

In doing so, there was every indication that the President wanted to arrive at a solution for “a fit and proper” person to be appointed to such an office. Jagdeo interpreted this to mean that he was dictating the pace, given his oversized ego, and including that of his principal legal advisor Anil Nandlall. Instead, the President stuck to his initial position and applied the dictates of the constitution which empowered his decision. There was never any dispute as to legal correctness of his action, except from those many dishonest statements from the political opposition, their cohorts, and the many opportunists, inclusive of the hypocrites.

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The subsequent motion filed, and which was dismissed as totally “misconceived” by the learned chief justice, reveals not only the moral dishonesty of a party that would go to any lengths to impugn a citizen’s character, but also its blatant disregard for constitutional requirements. Again, how could such lists have been submitted for consideration? It is only left to the devious imagination, with its wilful intent of Jagdeo and the PPP/C.

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The courts have spoken. The issue of discretion, cited Article 111 (1) of the Constitution of Guyana states that, “In the exercise of his functions under this Constitution or any other law, the President shall act in accordance with his own deliberate judgement except in cases where, by this Constitution or by any other law, he is required to act in accordance with the advice or on the recommendation of any person or authority.”

‘His own deliberate judgment’ says it all. That discretion has been exercised by the President. There must be no more distractions; it is time for GECOM to continue with its important business of preparing the nation for the upcoming local government elections

Regards Earl Hamilton