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Criminal economics


How much does a gold chain that is maybe ten times the thickness of a regular one cost?

How much do gold teeth cost?

How much do those really fancy brand name sneakers, hats, belts, jeans and jerseys cost?

How much do multiple body tattoos cost?

How much do those smartphones with all the modern-day bells and whistles cost?

How much does a roll-on/roll-off Nissan B12, B13 or B14 cost?

How much do those bottles of champagne that are poured all over the caskets of deceased loved ones cost?

How much does it cost to mind half a dozen children and an equal amount of different mothers?

And most importantly, how much do those high-powered rifles, semi-automatic guns and high-quality pistols cost?

These are the questions I would like to ask all the relatives of gangsters who swear that their family member was only trying to put food on their table.

Abel Resende

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